Frequently Asked Questions

Working with PEA is easy! We don’t require a complicated, drawn-out contract – just a simple agreement stating the responsibilities of both PEA and the retail agent. There are no required minimum written premiums.

To get the process started, give us a call and we will determine what market might be best for your client and start an application for you. If you currently write the account you can send us what you have and we will get the ball rolling. All we ask is for a simple ACORD form application and 5 years of loss runs. Beyond that, we’ll work with you directly to obtain more detailed info in order to turn a quote around to you as quickly as possible.

While there can be advantages to working with a Pool, we believe strongly in the captive insurance market. We will put together a proposal that will highlight any gaps in coverage and service for the quote we are providing and are happy to present the proposal with you to help your entity make a fully informed decision.

Filing a claim is simple. You can complete this online form, email or call us with the loss information. We will file the claim on your behalf and keep you informed every step of the way.

If you’ve found a carrier you like doing business with, that’s great! PEA has access to multiple markets so if you find your needs are no longer being met or you need additional options, we can likely bridge the gap for you. And remember, we don’t have minimum written premium requirements.

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